FwRIteDAY: “Upright”

It was during my freshman year of high school that I decided that bad posture was cool. All of the cool kids in TV shows had that disaffected slouch that said to the world “I’ll do what I want, and take it easy while I do it.” It was in my mind, the perfect look for me, so I had to emulate it.

My first attempts at what I would consider the cool slouch wound up making me look more like a cowboy than a cool guy. I think it was the hips. I curved my tailbone under just a little too much, resulting in a splayed leg, walking manner that would only impress the man I’d be dueling with at high-noon. Looking laid back was a lot more work than I thought.

My next try looked fine, I moved my hips back to a normal position and just over compensated the outward bend in my spine. But after a while, I noticed that this look ended up pushing my gut out. It was only when I sat down on a couch that I realized exactly who I looked like.


Third times the charm! And I actually ended up striking a pose that worked for me. It happened to be the shape of a banana but that’s so abstract, no one would make the connection, but everyone would think I was cool. I couldn’t wait to go up to my classmates and impress them with my cool guy slouch.

“Whoa, Ben. You look so chill.”


“Hey man, I’m having a party this weekend. You should come!”

“I don’t know what’s different about you, but you look hot.”

None of these things were said to me. Instead I got a lot of concerned faces and questions about whether I had Scoliosis. At that point I was pretty much ready to give up, but I had forgotten how I had originally held my myself up. My posture has now gotten better but it took a very long time for me to figure out a way to stand that wasn’t influence by TV and I’ll probably experience back pain because of it when I’m older.

So…you know… don’t get your ideas of what’s cool from TV.

Thanks for reading!

The featured image is from The University of Liverpool Health and Life Sciences  and the image of Al Bundy is owned by FOX.

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