What is this?

Hi! My name is Ben. I’m not a doctor or philosopher or anything, I just have a lot of headsthoughts about things and I wanted to start writing them down so I don’t need to think them in the middle of the night. Yes, I have mild insomnia. Maybe I’ll write about it sometime!
The main idea that gave me the inspiration for this site is that I think our language shapes the way we think just as much as we shape our language. That’s why I chose the word “through” in the title. Just as our desired actions are filtered through our physical bodies, so to is our imagination through the thought, spoken or written word.
In the psychology world, this is referred to as Lingustic Determinism, but I’m not going to be writing about it that way. I try to keep things on a conversational, emotional tone so that it’s accessible and so people can feel comfortable contributing to the conversation should they wish.
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