FwRIteDAY: “Monochrome: Part 2”

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We hear a lot of news about how there’s a partisan gridlock in U.S. politics. As the old adage goes: When the Huffington Post has a section of their site dedicated to it, you know it’s the real deal. Well you at least know it’s a sensation. I personally think that the “gridlock” isn’t as bad as they would have you believe, but that doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent. When you hear members of the G.O.P. say that they are going to block Obama’s supreme court justice appointee no matter what, it’s obvious that cooperation amongst the parties is becoming more difficult. And before you think I’m putting a liberal bias on this, if and when the tables are turned with a Republican president and democratic congress, you know the same things are going to happen.

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FwRIteDAY: “Monochrome”

There’s something I find really troubling about American society. I know that’s how a lot of things you read on the internet begin, but this is about something I don’t see written about too much, so hopefully that first sentence will be the only cliche you’ll see. Geez, I’m setting a high bar for myself here.

Anyway, what worries me is that in a country that claims to be full of options, we often seems to only be offered two. Right or wrong, Christian or Muslim, Republican or Democrat, Bike or Scooter (The kids in that photo started beating eachother up after I took it). This dichotomization can be seen on every news show, heard in every conversation, and even felt in every inner struggle. It’s this kind of “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” mentality that can often get us into trouble.

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FwRIteDAY: “Grant”

“Come on in Calvin. What can I do for you?”

Calvin enters his boss’ office and cautiously takes a seat in the chair in front of his desk. The legs have become warped with age so it wobbles quite a bit. Calvin could swear he keeps it in there as power play. Just to catch you off guard when you need something from him. Calvin always knew his boss was a smug piece of sh-

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Living Through Body Language


Focus on your hands right now. Don’t look at them, just focus your mind’s eye on them. What are they doing? One might be touching your mouse or touchpad, the other resting in your lap or on an armrest. Are your shoulders hunched up? Don’t change them if they are. Just notice them.

Now focus on your feet. Are they both on the ground or is one resting over the other? Are they turned out or pointing in? what about your toes? Are maybe curled tightly under your feet?  What about your hips and spine? your posture right now? Are you hunched over? Sitting up straight?

Are you comfortable?

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FwrRIteDAY: “Happenstance”

There are two types of people in this world: People who use “ironic” incorrectly, and people who insist on correcting the other people.

I really hate that I just used  that two-types-of-people trope, bit in this case I think it’s pretty true. I have not way to prove this, but I feel pretty confident that every English speaker has used “ironic” incorrectly at least once in their life, and there’s a good chance that someone made you feel pretty darn foolish for that mistake.

I used to be the person who made you feel foolish. Every time I heard “ironic” when I was expected to hear “coincidental” or “serendipitous” or “seriously” instead, I would cringe and feel compelled to say something. And even though I tried to remain polite about it, teenage awkwardness and my generally horrible use of speech made a simple correction always came out as a really judgmental insult.  I really wish someone told me how much of a jerk I could be (or that I listened when someone already did).

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