Living Through Body Language


Focus on your hands right now. Don’t look at them, just focus your mind’s eye on them. What are they doing? One might be touching your mouse or touchpad, the other resting in your lap or on an armrest. Are your shoulders hunched up? Don’t change them if they are. Just notice them.

Now focus on your feet. Are they both on the ground or is one resting over the other? Are they turned out or pointing in? what about your toes? Are maybe curled tightly under your feet?  What about your hips and spine? your posture right now? Are you hunched over? Sitting up straight?

Are you comfortable?

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FwRIteDAY: “Upright”

It was during my freshman year of high school that I decided that bad posture was cool. All of the cool kids in TV shows had that disaffected slouch that said to the world “I’ll do what I want, and take it easy while I do it.” It was in my mind, the perfect look for me, so I had to emulate it.

My first attempts at what I would consider the cool slouch wound up making me look more like a cowboy than a cool guy. I think it was the hips. I curved my tailbone under just a little too much, resulting in a splayed leg, walking manner that would only impress the man I’d be dueling with at high-noon. Looking laid back was a lot more work than I thought.

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