FwRIteDAY: “Grant”

“Come on in Calvin. What can I do for you?”

Calvin enters his boss’ office and cautiously takes a seat in the chair in front of his desk. The legs have become warped with age so it wobbles quite a bit. Calvin could swear he keeps it in there as power play. Just to catch you off guard when you need something from him. Calvin always knew his boss was a smug piece of sh-

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The Distraction Economy: How You’re Not As Busy As You Think

I must admit, the main reason I’m writing this is due to something that really bothers me. I’ll be talking to a friend, and they’ll bring up an ambition of theirs:

“Man I really want to learn to play guitar,” or “I really need to write more,” or “I’ve been wanting to get in to extreme ironing for a while now!”

In case you were curious.

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FwRIteDAY: “Correlate”

Erin was late by the time she got to her office. Not like it mattered. Nobody ever came to her office when she wished they would. It was always at the very end of her office hours that a swath of students came flooding in asking what they could do to boost their grade.

She just wished she could address them all at once or just keep screaming “NO!” over and over until they got the message, but the faculty frowns on that kind of teacher/student interaction. So she always made a point to relish the quiet time she had during her office hours.

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